Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Illustration (Ink & Watercolor)


This is a new piece I did this last week... I love this old nautical stuff, so I'm starting a new series. Illustrating a story of a ship lost at sea. Over all I feel okay about this piece, theirs parts I like and parts I don't.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classical Drawing Atelier

"We all draw when we are children. Drawing the things they love empowers children and reduces their feelings of vulnerability. I believe this is also true for those of us who draw as adults. drawing is not just about expressing a visual mode or a well-articulated visual response, it is deeply connected to a natural impulse."
- Steven Assael

Sketchbook Update

Here are some recent figure & anatomy studies I've been working on... Here I was studying some anatomy illustrations by Stephen Rogers Peck & Gottfried Bammes. Also some figure drawings by Russell Iredell.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

For Anyone Who Is Interested...

One of the most interesting things about drawing is watching the improvement in someone's skill level over time. However, as great as it is for those who draw to be able to see themselves learn and become more advanced, it can also be frustrating in some ways. I've been looking over my older posts and realizing how unhappy I am with some of the work. A lot of the older posts are not that great, and some of them are pretty bad or even embarrassing :/  But I guess thats all part of the process, one thing I do like is that each new piece I do is almost always at least somewhat better than the one before it. So I hope that the fact that I'm making an effort to learn and improve shows in my work! Feel free to comment if you have an opinion.